My Workout Plan

Let’s be honest, I usually wing it when it comes to my strength and cardio training. This is to say, picture me walking through the gym door and thinking to myself, “today, I feel like training shoulders… let’s go.”

Yikes! I’ll be the first to admit program building for myself needs improvement. This is especially true if I want to help others build their own fitness program. Stay tuned for details!

That being said, I’ll start by publishing my own training schedule for the up coming week. Eek! This is exciting, friends. Yes, I usually plan my meals and to-do-list weekly, but not workouts.

Planning my workout schedule is a new venture for me and I can’t wait to see how it progresses from here. Access my workout here. Let’s go!


  1. This is something I need to start as well girl I will be following your lead as I educate myself more on Fitness and what I need to do to achieve the goals I have set XOXO

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