The Million Dollar Question… Arms?

I get a ton of questions about my arms. Have you had surgery to remove excess skin? What workouts do you do for your arms? How do I get arms like yours? Okay then, here’s the highly anticipated blog (or maybe not 🙄) addressing arms.

First, I am happy to report that no surgery was involved in the making of my arms. Eek! Second, I don’t follow a specific program or exercise routine just for arms. In fact, if you own a pair of dumbbells you can do most of the exercises I do right in the privacy of your home. Third, I can’t guarantee you’ll have arms like mine. However, if you’re consistent with training and fueling your body properly, you may end up with better arms than mine. 😏

If you’ve never lifted weights or the thought of pumping iron is fearful, stop! To overcome your fear, you must face it head on, block all negativity, and just go for it. I’m not saying go curl a 30 pound load your first try. No, don’t do that! A progressive resistance training program is a way better option.

You might be asking yourself, what’s a progressive resistance training program? Simply put, it’s a training program focused on slowly introducing and manipulating reps, loads, and sets. This is helpful to avoid injury while getting you lean and stronger at slow progressive pace. Let’s not forget, consistency is an important part of training, too. Without it, you won’t get the arms you want! Sorry not sorry. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I always start new challenges (i.e training for a half marathon or bodybuilding) with research. I get it, there’s a lot of information on the internet and it can be overwhelming. So to learn the basic muscle anatomy, I went to the library and read an illustrated juvenile book. This helped me establish a basic fundamental understanding of the different muscles I wanted to train.

If you have this understanding already, then you’re ahead of the game. You, go! Now, you’re to get to work. I accomplished this by Googling different exercises and used key words such as: dumbbell exercises for biceps or triceps or bodyweight exercises for biceps or triceps. I also used images in books and videos online to learn how to properly perform different exercises.

Here’s my secret… I don’t just train arms on any particular day of the week. I stick to a push/pull method. Basically, this means I train back with biceps and chest with triceps. I started doing two sets of 8 reps using the safest/heaviest load and then, increased/manipulated load/reps/sets weekly. Now, I can do up to four sets and anywhere between 6-12 reps 2x per week. I also do 4-5 exercise variations on each muscle.

Key take aways… don’t let fear hold you back and consistency is key. Below is an example of a back & bicep workout I did 5 weeks after having bariatric surgery. Let’s go!

Back & Biceps 5/7/17

  • Warmup – Stationary Bike 5 Minutes
  • Superset #1 (exercises done without resting) – Smith Machine Bent Over Row: 2×8 95 lbs, Bent Over Two Dumbbell Row Palms In: 2×8 20 lbs
  • Superset #2 – Dual Pulley Pulldown: 2×8 35 lbs (cable), Standing Cable Row: 2×8 30 lbs
  • Superset #3 – Ez-bar Bicep Curl: 2×8 20 lbs, Hammer Curl: 2×8 20 lbsOne-Arm Dumbbell
  • Cardio – ArcTrainer (Workout #3/Level 8/30 Minutes).


  1. Thanks for all of the information & for your transparency. I know that your arms was pure dedication & getting to learn how things worked for your body. I am looking forward to seeing my own results by taking in YOUR ADVICE, listening to my body & following you on your page. You’re AMAZING!!!! Love your story 😍

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  2. Thanks for the info and specially that pic! Seeing the before and the know give me hope, about the bit of sagging skin. I’m like you in that pic, strong biceps, but what was freaking me out was the other! But now I’m hopeful! 🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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