A Long Overdue Blog Post

Yes, I know this blog post is way overdue. Of course I can come up with many excuses for the delay, but I’ll spare you the boring details. I will say, writing is such an art form and lacking creative juices to write can be a blocker (LOL). Here I am though… trying to get into the grove of things. Guess this is a good time to talk about time management.

I’ve learned that managing my time effectively was detrimental to my weight-loss success. There’s a lot involved with praying, reading God’s word, running a household, working a full-time job, trying to maintain a social, active, and healthy lifestyle. And it ain’t always pretty, pink, and roses. Some days, I barely keep up with everything that needs my attention. Just picture piles of dirty laundry on the floor. Sorry not sorry.

I’ve talked about keeping a space that’s neat and organized on my Instagram stories before. Basically, starting out with a clean clutter free home sets how I tackle the week. A clutter free home stands for freedom and “Cheryl is going to rock this week’s to-do list, let’s go!” Whereas, a clutter filled home stands for fear and pretty much “brace yourself, Cheryl, this week is going to be rough… you’re basically going to wing it, so why even try.” This is especially true when I fall behind on keeping God first. When this happens to me everything just seems out of control and my to-do list gets longer and lags further behind.

Picture it like this… me getting slammed to the floor, crying uncontrollably because all I feel is pain, but then finally there it is… hope to stand back on my feet. Really! It’s like without order, there is always chaos. Think about it… seriously, think about it! Chaos gets me anxious for nothing. It also lets fear slowly creep into my head because so many tasks are way overdue.  Thankfully, I’m recognizing that I don’t have to go at this “life” thing alone and I praise God for that.

I currently try to focus on prioritizing my weekly schedule (this is easier said than done) by planning it out on paper. I was never really great at this, but with practice overtime it’s becoming necessary to keep up with everything. Planning allows me to enjoy the things I love (i.e. building muscle, dancing and blogging) without feeling selfish. I’m pretty sure a lot of you can relate to that, right? Keep in mind, changing your view on selfishness isn’t going to happen overnight. It took me over 10 years to realize that taking care of me first makes me a better caretaker for others. This practice takes time and lots of redirection, but there’s hope, friends!

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with everything you have on your plate, I encourage you to go to a quiet place. Take this time to clear your mind and just breathe. Your heart will guide you from there. When you’re feeling up to it, take some more time to look at your surroundings and find something to be thankful for (there’s always something). You should instantly feel capable of accomplishing anything at this point, but don’t try. Instead, take a mental note of what needs your attention, write out a plan (daily or weekly), and start crossing off items on your to-do list one-by-one.

Below is an example of my typical weekly to-do list. Yes, it looks as if there’s nothing on it. However, it’s what works for me. I need things to be short and sweet on the surface.  Then what I do is break down the bigger item like household chores into a smaller more manageable daily list. I’ll say it again though, nothing on this list gets done without first giving God my heart. I might manage above water for a little bit, but it always ends the same… nothing is getting done.

  1. God’s time planning
  2. Family time planning
  3. Grocery shopping
  4. Meal planning
  5. Meal prepping
  6. Training planning
  7. Household Chores
  8. Laundry

There you have it, friends! Oh look at that, laundry is at the bottom of my list! Sigh. Listen, everyday comes with its own struggle(s), but I enjoy the comfort that comes with having a personal relationship with Jesus. It keeps me focused on today, forgetting about yesterday, and less worried about tomorrow. It was setting my eyes above and focusing on making little changes each day that made losing 140 pounds possible. I did it (even with all of the craziness that comes with this life) and so can you. Let’s go!


  1. Te admiro! You are so transparent and honest and that is priceless ! Thank you for share your personal experiences! I love that you share about Jesus freely and fearless !

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  2. Love this post because it reminds me of the important of my Planner! I’ve always been a visual learner/person and so writing down my plans has always worked exceptionally well. I found myself distracted for a while trying to change myself into the digital version of things but there’s something about tangible things you know. Like turning the page and having a place for everything that you can feel and touch. Do you have a planner? How do feel about them? I even have checklists and calendars on the walls around the house because it’s something about seeing things that keep me focused ❤️

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    1. Yes, I use a planner to write out my weekly schedule. Like you, I tried using my phone, but find a planner works best for me. Now, reminders go on the phone. 😉

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  3. I am so very glad I found you on IG and to read your blog now. It is nice to have a friend in Jesus. I am very over weight. I had lost about 40lbs back in 2014. But I gained it all back then some. I got tired of always watching what I ate. But I really need to get this weight off and keep it off. You are an inspiration.

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