An Introduction… Sorta

If you’ve made it here, it’s probably because you follow me on Instagram (IG). If not, that’s okay, too. Gosh, the whole concept of having “followers” on any social media really irks me. I personally prefer the term “friends” over “followers,” but let’s save that topic for another day. Perhaps now is a great time to warn everyone about my thoughts. My brain tends to work faster than I type. Meaning, my writing may jump from one topic to another without first finishing a thought. Therefore, please be subtle with your comments and understanding as this is a new venture for me. You know what they say, “practice makes perfect.” Eh, there’s no such thing when it comes to humans. That was a side note or a misplaced thought.

Okay, so let’s get into the real reason I’m here writing. You know, the important stuff like who, what, where, how, and when; so hopefully, you come back to read more of my blogs. I’ll start with the basics: my name is Cheryl and I’m 38 years-old. Keeping it real simple for now because BABY-STEPS, right? Yes! That covers the who, which means I still need to write about the what, where, how, and when. Ugh, this may turn into an all nigher, so time to focus. Well, it all started with me documenting my weight-loss journey on IG.

My first weight-loss related post on IG dates back to August 8, 2014 and has 11 likes. My mom and high-school acquaintances were probably the ones who liked that post because I was still learning how to use hashtags back then. However, that’s besides the point. See how easily I get distracted? Back to my initial thought… oh, yeah, recalling now! My first IG post was posted many moons ago and it’s taken me a long time to successfully lose weight and that’s all she wrote. Nope, there’s more to it. The purpose behind me using IG to document my weight-loss journey was for accountability, motivation, and a sprinkle of inspiration. But what happens now since I have no more weight to lose? Got it! I’ll get certified as a personal trainer and start selling online fitness plans.

Selling online fitness plans sounded like a great idea on the surface; but my busy life doesn’t accommodate one-on-one time for clients. Just being honest. Also, I wasn’t going to quit my day job anytime soon. So, now what? Well, my heart is still set on helping others struggling to lose weight. So, I brainstormed some more and thought about creating a YouTube channel. Hey, I figured that would be an easy way to share my weight-loss tips and experiences. However, I don’t see myself carrying a camera (or siting in front of one) to blog or is it vlog. Either way, vlogging seems so foreign to me. What about a blog? Yes, now we’re talking!

Honestly, blogging is a win-win for me and my subscribers or rather friends. How, you may wonder. Let’s see… blogging will hopefully improve my writing (English isn’t my first language) and researching skills, while everyone else learns all of my weight-loss secrets fo’ free. Ha! Seriously though, this is my way of paying it forward without trying to cash in on my success. Know why? Because I believe this world is big enough for all of us to be successful. And on that note, let’s go!


  1. This is so exciting! I could hear your voice through the entire blog! What an amazing way to support others the weight loss community. I look forward to following you journey in blogging as I have loved following you on IG! Let’s GO! 😊😊πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽

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    1. Hi Ashanna,
      Your feedback is helpful and much appreciated. I’m overjoyed and excited for this new venture. Thank you for your support!


  2. Yayyy i cannot wait to read more. N finally get the real scoop of how to lose all of this “mofongo”.
    U know what i mean lol
    Congrats Sister !!!

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  3. Can’t wait to get all your weight loss secrets! I started my journey in April 2017 and by October 2017, I had lost 52lbs! Then the holidays happened and I gained back about 5ish of those. I restarted my journey on January 1st as a new year, new you cliche at 249.4lbs. My goal is to lose another 50lbs this year and to stay motivated enough to do that because going so hard and losing 50lbs in 6 months was really hard for me and I felt seriously deprived (not lacking calories, just deprived of the social atmosphere that would lead me to make poor nutrition choices). After a week, I am already down 6.8lbs (of bloat) from my re-start weight but feel myself slipping again. Looking forward to learning from your success!

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  4. Hey girl, I follow you on your IG. Your such an inspiration to me. I really need help getting back on track. Can’t wait to hear all your stories how you lost all your weight, food, fitness, everything girl. I’m excited for you on your new ventures. Eileen Frias

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  5. Hi! I just found your IG and have spent an hour browsing. You are such an inspiration and leave me feeling super hopeful. I’m scheduled for my VSG on 2/6/18! I see your photos, can I ask how tall you are? And what your weight was prior to surgery? I apologize if that’s too personal πŸ™‚

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  6. Your such a great inspiration, cant wait to hear all about your secrets , and tips , its great to have people out there willing to help others , love watching your storys on ig , true blessing

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  7. Hi! Im from spain, my name is Sara and i want to tell you that you’re a great woman and a great person! Your body change its incredible, we see your aparence only, but im sure that your soul lights thant never makes it!! Enjoy the way!!
    Pd: Sorry for my english ;P

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